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Seven Easy Steps to Use Immortal Herbal Facial Cleanser

Some women believe that the less the face feels oily, the cleaner it is. For this reason, we find facial cleansers that leave noHerbal facial cleanser sign of oiliness after you rinse your face with water. However, girls must know that there is a good kind of oil that has to be present on the face all the time. Otherwise, it will get dry and unhealthy.

To explain further, this good kind of facial oil that we’re talking about is called sebum. Contrary to what you think, it does not make your face greasy. In fact, it locks the moisture in so that your skin will not be dry or prone to bacteria. If you notice, facial cleanser models on TV and magazines have moisturized and radiant faces that don’t look rough at all. The truth is, what makes their faces healthy and glowing is the sebum that locks the moisture in.

If we want to achieve that look, we don’t only need a cleanser that removes dirt and fights off bacteria. We must choose a product that also leaves the healthy layer of protection in our face. Of course, a herbal facial cleanser is your best option.

Today, we are featuring one such herbal facial product that is packed with Jojoba and Moringa Oil.

Instead of explaining its benefits, we will teach you, through this video, how to use it. We will assist you in trying out the product so you can see for yourself if it gives your skin the cleansing and moisturizing effect that it needs daily.

The Immortal beauty Herbal Facial Cleanser can be used to remove the makeup and all the dirt that your skin absorbed the whole day. You can use it with or without the makeup on your face.

You’ll need both dry and wet cotton pads for this.

Herbal facial cleanser

  1. Shake the bottle slightly before using.
  2. Pour a small amount of the cleanser on the dry cotton pad.
  3. Wipe the cotton pad with the cleanser all over your face, except the eyebrows and the eye area.
  4. Get another dry cotton pad and put a small amount of cleanser.
  5. Use this second cotton pad to clean your eye makeup, including the eyeshadow and the eyebrow liner. Since these eye cosmetics are usually darker in shade, you have to use a separate cotton pad to remove them.
  6. You can repeat step number 3 over and over until you see only a few to zero dirt on the cotton.
  7. The final step is to clean your face using the wet cotton pad. You don’t need to put the facial cleanser on the wet pad anymore. This last step is to ensure that all the dirt has been removed. You can also rinse your face with water instead of using the wet cotton pad for this last step.

As you will notice, using the Immortal beauty Herbal Facial Cleanser is very simple. It actually takes a minute or two to complete the process. But its formula is sufficient to remove all the makeup and dirt that are stuck in your face. The best thing about this cleanser is that it’s mild enough to leave the layer of sebum on your face to keep it moisturized and healthy.