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Myths about Natural Beauty Products

Despite the widespread use of natural beauty products all over the world, there are still myths about its nature and effects. We might see them these days next to the other highly commercialized brands, but some people still have misconceptions about these products, that’s why they avoid using them.

Today, we are going to debunk all those myths and uncover what people need to know. Hopefully, your perspective about these products will change for the better after reading this.

They can be done at home

This is the first myth we need to address. Yes, there are DIY facial scrubs, shampoos, and even toothpastes that you can do at home. Video tutorials even teach us how to make them. However, we cannot always find the perfect ingredients to these recipes just anywhere, right?

The most effective ones such as aloe vera, tumeric, Safflower, and mangosteen peel are not expected to just pop out from your backyard or be sold in any market. Thus, we resort to ‘alternatives’ that are not as effective. Herbal personal care companies spend a lot and invest on substantial research in order to gather these ingredients and turn them into genuine natural beauty products that are worth every penny you will spend for them.

Natural Beauty Products

They are expensive

What a hasty generalization. Try looking for natural beauty products online and you will find out that this theory is not true. Just like in any other industries, prices vary from one business to the other. If you just widen your search, you will find competitively-priced herbal products that do not only deliver the same positive effects as their chemical-based counterparts, but offer guaranteed safety and protection from harsh ingredients.

They are hard to find

This is absolutely a myth that you should stop believing. You can find natural beauty products in stalls, department stores, and shopping malls everywhere. There are also dedicated online shops that sell them exclusively! You might even have a friend who distributes them.

The heightened health-consciousness of people these days and the world-wide campaign for cancer awareness led to an increased demand for natural beauty products and a corresponding increase in its supply. So go get your pen and list down what’s missing in your toiletries. For sure you can easily find the perfect natural products to complete them.

Too Mild and Ineffective

We explained before that herbal facial products leave a smooth and a little moist feeling on the face after use. The reason for this is that our faces need a layer of sebum that should not be eliminated every time we wash. This is the same with other skincare and hair products. You should not expect a rough or a totally washed out finish after every use because our skin and hair needs a dose of protection that our body naturally produces. It does not make natural beauty products less effective. In fact, this property makes them more safe to use.

Natural Beauty Products

Shorter Shelf Life

Finally, this is an outright lie. Try to check the labels of herbal skin care products. You will see that their shelf life is the same as or even longer than their synthetic counterparts. One of the key ingredients of herbal beauty products, castor oil, can even last up to four years. After all, early expiration date is bad for business, so you can expect herbal personal care companies to work on that aspect.

In all these, we advise you to do your own research and get the facts checked first before making any conclusions. Don’t be a victim of misinformation or you might miss the best that our mother nature offers.