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Top Herbal Beauty Product Ingredients


By Ma. Cristina N. Rafol


If you are a fan of home-made beauty recipes, for sure you’ve tried a lot of them and experienced their benefits first-hand. This experience surely convinced you of the real benefits that we can get from using the gifts of nature in order to enhance our well-being. We can find these natural ingredients in the nearest marketplaces and some, even in our own backyard.

If you are wondering what these natural components for home-made natural beauty products are, here are the top four of them that women from all over the world are raving about. You can also find these ingredients in the products of trusted and accredited natural personal care companies.

Coconut Oil

Gone are the days when people used coconut oil only for cooking. Now, researchers have uncovered coconut’s nourishing properties that make it a perfect ingredient for natural deodorant and hair care products. Coconut oil is indeed rich with good fatty acids and vitamins to make our scalp healthy and our hair thicker.

It’s an ideal component for organic natural deodorant & natural beauty products too, because of its anti-bacterial properties that not most of us are aware of.


Natural Beauty Products - Herbal Skin Care Products

Don’t we all love the aroma of ginger in our soup? This popular spice is indeed a cooking buddy for many because aside from its delicious aroma, it’s also good for the throat. These days, however, many people are using ginger  as an ingredient for natural beauty care products. It has both anti-ageing and antioxidant properties that make light scars disappear. It also stretches the skin naturally.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s not strange nowadays to see apple cider vinegar in every household with adolescents, young adults, and teenagers. These segments of the society invest a lot on weight loss remedies, and the apple cider vinegar has proven its benefits in improving the digestive process of a human body. Just add it to water. Mix a little honey to the solution, and you’ll have a perfect catalyst for metabolism.

But aside from its weight loss benefits, the apple cider vinegar has antioxidants as well as anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, making it a great addition to skin care products. It’s specifically used in anti-acne facial products because it minimizes the presence of bacteria-causing pimples.

Mangosteen Peel

As much as the mangosteen fruit is a delight to our taste-buds, it’s also a great ingredient for herbal skin care products because of its proven effectiveness in alleviating skin diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful in reducing dry and scaly skin due to some skin diseases. It also works well in fighting facial acne and other skin infection.

It’s just so amazing how researchers and manufacturers use advanced technology to harness the benefits of these products of nature. They don’t stop exerting efforts in making these gifts perfect for our daily use. Of the many natural personal care businesses out there which produce natural beauty products. It’s always best to choose accredited enterprises selling products that are tested and proven safe.

Natural Beauty Products - Herbal Skin Care Products